The whole attendance was stored in register and at the end of the session the reports were generated. All the management of attendance of employees was done on paper. It takes more time in calculation. This required more calculations to generate report manually and there was a greater chance of errors.

Attendance Management Software is developed for keeping daily employee’s attendance in an organizations. It facilitates to access the attendance information of a specific employee in a particular department. This system will help in evaluating attendance eligibility criteria of an employee.

Purpose of Attendance Management Software:

The purpose of developing this system is to computerized the tradition way of taking attendance. An additional purpose is to generate the report automatically at the end of the session or in the between of the session.

Scope of Attendance Management Software:

The scope of this system is that it is developed as a desktop application, and it will work for a particular organization. Later on, this system can be modified to operate it online.

Economically Feasibility:

The system being developed is economically feasible with respect to company’s point of view. It is cost effective in the sense that it eliminate the paper work completely. This system is effective for saving time because the calculations are computerized which are made at the end of the month or as per the user requirement and the result contains minimum errors and are highly accurate as the data is required.

User Friendly:

The software working is quite easy to use and learn due to its simple and attractive interface. User needs no special training for understanding and operating the system.

This system is user friendly because the storing and retrieval of data is fast and data is maintained efficiently. Moreover the graphical user interface (GUI) is provided in Attendance Management system, which offers user to deal with the system very easily.

Generate Reports Easily:

Through an Attendance Management Software reports can be easily generated so user can generate the report as per the requirement. User can give the notice to the employee’s so they become regular.

Less Paper Work:

The system requires very less paper work. All the data is stored into the computer immediately and reports can be generated through this software. Moreover, work become very easy because there is no need to keep data on papers.


Alrasmyat’s Attendance Management Software meets the objectives of the system which it has been developed. The system has reached a steady state where all bugs have been eliminated. The system is operated at a high level of efficiency and all the employer and user associated with the system understands its advantage. The system solves the problem.

Attendance Management Software will be the basic need of all business and organizations in Saudi Arabia and Alrasmyat is the name of trust which is working on 2030 vision to promote and enhance business in Saudi Arabia

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