Payroll is the business critical operation in every organization. Now a days, Software for Payroll management is getting important in organization. It provide an organization a complete solution to manage and maintain payroll, hiring, Profiles, Payroll calculation and the many other tasks that go into controlling such a large workforce with automatic calculation of allowances and deduction with single click.

Technology ease the burden of managing expenses and help to control some of the unnecessary claims. Businesses can even analyze their expenditure and gain insights into where expenses can be handle.

Payroll software are designed to automatically calculate salaries, leaves, taxes and allowances of each of the employees. These kinds of software reduce the burden of complex payroll process and the system operations and reduce the overall administrative costs. Payroll calculation will take up less time and you can pay slips, and salary statements perfectly.

Here are some of the features of using payroll software:

Payroll Calculation:

Payroll Software calculates monthly salary automatically in one click. Flexible integration of payroll module makes this software very easy to use. Data could be pulled and accessed at any time and from anywhere.

Employee Management:

Maintain your employee records with basic details and history. Based on Employee profiles, Payroll software calculates payroll, HR reports and shows document expiry reminders. Employee Management is the core of this Payroll Software.

Salary Statement & Pay Slips:

Payroll Software — prepares monthly Salary Statement and Pay Slips. In one click, you can print selected pay slip or all salary slips for the month. Software can Email Pay Slips to all employees in one click.

Employee Cash Advances:

You can manage cash advances given to employees with Payroll Software. Enter Loan amount and installment amount. This software will automatically deduct installment amount from salary every month until full loan amount gets recovered. You can adjust installment, deduction amount for any month and software takes care of balance amount by itself.

Expenses & Issued Assets:

You can maintain records of all assets given to each employee with Payroll software. It can keep history of all expenses occurred on each employee and can take report of employee expenses. You can keep track of issued assets. So the company can take back all the assets when employee leaves the company.

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