Payroll is considered as a significant part of Human Resource process because this it is related to the preparation of employee’s salaries and assurance of compliance with tax. It is quite a crucial process for the organization from HR and accounts perspective. If a company is facing problem in payroll system, salaries of employees would be delayed and such delay will be annoyed for the employees which leads to lessen the productivity of organizations.

A payroll is a comprehensive system that can effectively manage the payroll of an organization. It streamlines the tasks for HR management and enhances the workflow of Human Resource process. It can be divided into different parts:

Attendance Maintenance:

In HR management system, there is a module that allows tracking of attendance of an employee. Attendance management system allows the employee to electronically mark their leaves, attendance and other activities. This system tracks data of employee’s attendance and make it easy for HR as well as payroll department to maintain and track the complete and accurate record. This tracking system tracks employee’s daily duty hours including their check-in, check-out and break details. Payroll Software will help the Human resource department to review employee’s performance and manage their salaries.

Management and Adjustment of Leaves:

It is a responsibility of human resource department to manage and adjustments of leaves of their employee. The HR and payroll management system will manage all the paid along with unpaid leaves of all employees efficiently and adjust their salaries, bonus, overtime, incentives and with it.

Brief checking of salary details

Software will maintain the records of an employee and automatically adjust and manages their leaves, incentives, and salaries etc. and use these information in the preparation of actually accurate salaries of an employee. All these will complete by the payroll system which ease the life of a human resource department. With the assistance of payroll system all record maintenance, tax deduction, and salary management will be automatic.

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To conclude

Alrasmyat’s Cloud Payroll Software manage complete payroll system. It automate the payroll data management with just few clicks and will manage the HR work efficiently. It is an ideal Software for your organization that smooth your HR and payroll process

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