Technology has modernized the way of managing payroll significantly over the past few years, thanks to innovations in the field of Technology which make it cloud which can be accessed from your mobile devices, and their new trends allow them for better integrating payroll with other Human Resource functions. It is likely to bring more innovation and changes in technology in the next year.

It can be a powerful tool for the businesses. Through automation of the payroll process and centralizing database saves time and money of the organizations. It is used to make sure that everyone paid correctly and on time.

Here are the some Payroll trends expected to keep rising in 2017:

  1. Allow Payroll Access from Smart Devices

Now a days, HR team and employees often want to access payroll data from wherever they want to be even if they are not at office. Payroll Software let both HR team and employees to easily access payroll data. It includes a single dashboard having all messages and data in one place. This software has the facility to open email with a single tap, and remotely access payroll data. Employees for the meantime can access their account information through their smart phones.

  1. Cloud Payroll System Continues to Expand

Organizations have been increasingly moving their payroll system to cloud-based services, which can be accessed by Internet connection. Cloud Payroll Software gets updated and data is backed up routinely. One more advantage is that it makes the process of data entry simple and easy which make it possible to be accessed from anywhere through smart devices.

  1. Data Security

Data security is one of the essential term in Payroll. Security of payroll information is becoming a more concern as more payroll tasks handled through  various smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. This Software will likely be reviewing the data security protocols of payroll and to make ensure that the data is protected.

  1. Compliance

Compliance law and legislation that vary from region to region requires knowledge of regulations. Payroll Software is simplifying the compliance and certainly been made it easier and more efficient to handle.

Alrasmyat’s Payroll Software automate payroll process to streamline business performance, it can improve efficiency, accuracy and strategy of payroll system by integrating payroll, HR and accounting.

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