HR is one of the most important part of an organization. All the organizational task starting from Monitoring and keeping a track of all employees to managing organizational resources this all done by HR Department. Working in close collaboration with the administration makes HR Department a vital department of any business or organization. Companies just can’t do anything without their HR team. Now a days, advancements in technology and progresses in various business sectors have brought significant developments in the HR department.

Here are the top technological trends in HR and Payroll which are more likely to continue in 2017.

Cloud Dominance            

The rise in cloud technology has influenced the ways of business performance. Most companies are moving towards cloud based technologies and maintaining the cost, convenience and flexibility of HR solutions. The HR departments use Cloud HR software to streamline its day-to-day activities which includes payrolls management and tracking of employee attendance and leaves. This software updates, data entry and backup and remote access to HR data from the Smartphones which make it easier. This have forced HR to go beyond its traditional policies and make a solution that will work both for the company and for the employees.

Payroll Access from Smart Devices

HR is create new trends and upgrade their consistent course of work. Payroll software make it easy to access all information from Smartphones which helps the HR team and employee to keep immediate track on payroll. It is a centralized system in which every organization shares a common forum and enables the staff to gain remote payroll access through individual emails. This software also ensure fair, transparent and equal payroll calculations for all employees working across the company.

Data Ownership & Security

HR emphasizes on taking relevant employee data to know their key areas of interests, specializations and expertise. This helps in acknowledging talents of employees to allocate the right job to the most deserving employee, but sharing online/cloud data, data security becomes another concern for the HR department. Data security is a barrier that prevents employees from accessing online data from remote devices provided by the organizations. HR Software helps the HR managers to look for ways to enhance their online security and make things clear and transparent for the organization.


PeopleQlik’s HR Software is growing, evolving and innovative system which is more likely to adopt all of the above trends. With such advancements, its aim is to efficiently manage its people, achieve their strategic goal and help to take the company to its peak.