Payroll is the business critical operation for every organization. Payroll is a time consuming activity and it must be accurate. To find a payroll solution that let you pay your employees with ease, so you can spend more time doing what you do best for running your business.

Manual handing the payroll is a thing of the past and is completely obsolete. But Payroll management software makes things simple, easy and reduces errors. This software can step in and take the load off.

Key features for Payroll Software:

Generate payslips

Payroll Software can generate pay slips. It has all the information required to easily generate pay slips of all the employees. These pay slips have complete salary deductions and tax information.

Exclude errors and mistakes

This software can easily integrated with the HR software such as attendance management, leave management, and loans etc. This ensures that the data is not exposed to any human errors which is caused by manual work.

No repetition

The best feature of this software is that there is no repetitive processing of the same information.


There is absolutely no need to manually file all these details because Legal filing and tax filing becomes very easy with an automated Payroll Software. It has the capability to generate ready to upload legal report files in the required layout.

Integration with employees Schedules

It gives you a great easy way to understand the leaves availed by employees. It calculate the absenteeism and the leave balances. It can also makes the net salary calculations very easy. With this you know the number of paid days that each employee is eligible to.


In an organization, where the number of employees is large and is distributed at various locations this software makes things a lot simpler. Any inaccuracy in calculations can be eliminated easily.

Save Time

It takes extra time and extra resources for a business to manage its own payroll but this software helps to speed every aspect of the payroll process. Payroll processing is faster and much efficient!


With software a company can remove the ambiguity that comes with the sending of private employee information to a third party. A good software will make your business information secure.

User Friendly

A right software is used by anyone with a good understanding of IT to manage a company’s payroll requirements easily.

Cost Effective

There is great potential to save money by using the software quickly and efficiently.


To Conclude

PeopleQlik’s HR Software offers lots of different advantages for the user, the employees and the company, This has opened new ways of progress for organizations all over the world. It permits you to efficiently and accurately pay everyone in your entire workforce.